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The heart of a parish is the Eucharist, but the parish family is the body that makes it a unique and vibrant community with an exciting parish life. Our parish offers a variety of ways to be part of that communal family in addition to the celebration of the sacraments.

Faith formation is a vital element of the Catholic life as we grow in knowledge and understanding of our faith in Jesus Christ and the Church he gave us. A deeper understanding can lead to a more intimate relationship with the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, and through the Trinity to the Church and our family, friends, neighbors, parish, and community. Such faith formation is not just for children, but for all of us as we grow as Catholics. Our parish has many opportunities for faith formation that we encourage you to explore.

Another way to participate in our parish life are the various parish ministries, including liturgical ministries, such as choir member, lector, altar server, and Extraordinary Minister of the Eucharist; social justice ministries, such as visiting the homebound, serving the poor, volunteering at food pantries and the St. Vincent de Paul Society; and others, such as youth ministry, men's and women's groups, and the annual parish bazaar, to name just a few. God calls us to use our gifts and talents to glorify Him and make life better for other people. Please prayerfully consider these opportunities for getting involved in ministry. And if you have an idea for a new parish ministry, please contact us.

With so many ways to be part of parish life, you'll want to stay informed by regularly reading the weekly bulletin, just in case you've misplaced the one you received at Mass. You’ll also want to check the parish calendar for a list of events and mass schedules.

Our parish has a rich history in our town, being founded by people who trusted in the Lord and gathered together under the leadership of our bishop. Who we are today is based on who we were yesterday. Find out more about our spiritual forefathers as you read the history of our parish.

We hope you'll also enjoy viewing photos of our parish, including some of the many enjoyable events and programs.

Eucharistic Ministry

Monday evening March 9th was a meeting about 22 people who are actively involved with the liturgy.   Among those present were Sacristans who prepare and set up for Mass; Lectors who proclaim the Word of God and Extraordinary Eucharistic Ministers who assist the priest in distributing Holy Communion. Some people present serve in more than one capacity.  

Deacon Al addressed the proper protocol for E.Ministers pointing out the importance of protecting the sacrament and what to do in the event of mishaps. Franne McDonough demonstrated the correct procedure in preparation of sacred vessels and linens and their care.  Alice Cella focused on the importance of the Liturgy of the Word, use of a microphone and voice projection. Proclaiming the Word audibly and distinctly is vital.Those attending appreciated the opportunity to observe correct protocol and to ask questions and some said they felt more confident in their service.

Both English Masses were well represented and the parish is fortunate to have so many faithful people active in this ministry.

5 PM Saturday Vigil Mass Choir

Sunday, 9 AM Mass Pianist/Vocalist 

When parishioner Nancy Laws, and her husband, Deacon Brian, moved here from Massachusetts in 2010, they joined in singing with the Folk Music group that contributed to the Sunday Mass at Saint Anthony’s in Hardeeville.  A year or two later the group dissolved and she started playing the piano and singing on Sundays.   Some time later Father Bob Higgins and the Deacons here were assigned to Saint Anthony’s in Ridgeland as well.  There was no music in Ridgeland on Sundays.  Having only an organ, they needed someone who could work with that.  Nancy also sings at the 11 am Mass at St. Anthony's in  Ridgeland on Sundays after the Hardeeville Mass has finished. 

She and Deacon Brian love being part of a small parish where “everyone knows your name,” as the song goes.  Nancy says, "there is a special beauty in worshipping as a family, gathering around the Table of Plenty together. I especially enjoy the glowing smiles during the Sign of Peace as we acknowledge each other."

A Visit from John Paul II High School’s Principal & Students 

On Saturday, February 29th. after the 5 pm vigil Mass,  the principal of John Paul II Catholic School , Mr. John McCarthy, and three (3) students, who are from Hardeeville, had an “info session.”   Information was provided on the school and they were there to answer any additional questions parishioners may have had about the school.  In the picture, from left to right, Principal John McCarthy, Monica Jimenez (9th),  Alondra Hurtado (11th), and Giselle Aguilar (11th).


On Friday evening, February 21st, some powerful stories were told. Deacon Al led our presentation about how wisdom speaks the language of love. We learned about the three ways of loving: philia (friendship), eros (sexual passion) and agape (love for everyone). We heard stories of each and then shared stories from our own experiences. These touched many of us deeply. Laughter was not a stranger to the evening…. We talked about robocalls, ostrich eggs and who we were in earlier parts of our lives. There were also quiet words of affirmation when we heard something that touched us and moved us.

Deacon Al reminded us of that Pope Francis asked us to be the storytellers in our families and in our faith community. We have been graced to live in these later years. We are also asked to pass what we have learned and experienced to our grandchildren, our parish children and to all who grace our lives with their presence.  Following our presentation, we all enjoyed


Saturday, 7 PM Mass Choir

Top row left to right: Jorge Escalante (Electric Piano), Valentina Escalante (Singer), Magali Roblero (Singer), Jeanett Martinez (Singer)
Second row left to right: Alcidez Martinez (Electric Guitar), Vesubio Escalante (Bass Guitar - Choir Leader), Eliceo Roblero (Violin), Roger Adame (standing) (Guitar) 

Check out additional pictures of Vesubio Escalante and his wonderful choir!/Echa un vistazo a fotos adicionales de Vesubio Escalante y su maravilloso coro!




St. Anthony Mission Church 

23049 Whyte Hardee Blvd. (US17)
Hardeeville, SC 29927

Msgr. Rev. Ronald R. Cellini

St. Anthony Mission Chapel
19 Main St. 
     Hardeeville, SC 29927

Parish Office
21 Main St. 
     Hardeeville, SC 29927

Masses - Misas
Saturday Vigil
English 5 pm
Spanish 7 pm
English 9 am
Spanish 11 am & 5 pm

Mass in the Chapel
Thursday 9 am

Misa en la Capilla
Jueves 9 am

Confession in English
Saturday 4:30 pm 

Confesiones en Español
Sabado 6:30 pm

Thursday Eucharistic Adoration
9 am Mass
10 am – 7pm
Bilingual Holy Hour 7 pm 



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