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St. Anthony Mission Church is a welcoming Catholic community called by God to
  live the message of Christ in love and service to all people.

St. Anthony Mission Church es una comunidad Católica acogedora llamada por Dios para vive el mensaje de Cristo en amor y servicio a todas las personas.

March 7, 2021

Important Messages from the Charleston Diocese

Moral Permissibility of COVID-19 Vaccines - Updated

There are other vaccines currently in development that have used fetal stem cells. If they go into production in our country, we will provide further recommendations and options.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Kathy Schmugge at or Michael F. Acquilano at

2020 - 2021 Seminarians - Extension of Vocations Week


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We Are Back At St. Anthony Mission Church!

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Daily Mass - 8:30 am (English)
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San Gregorio el Grande Las Misas de la Transmisión en Vivo

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Monday, March 1st, was the second online Zoom devotional rosary. Marie Blohm, Flo Mucci, and Gloria Statham joined the group. Once again, the rosary was said for the intentions of Deacon Al. The challenge went out for everyone to invite another person for the next rosary devotion on March 8th at 11 am. The movie "Fatima" was brought up to remind everyone that Our Lady of Fatima asked that everyone pray the rosary.

All agreed of the power of the Blessed Virgin and the rosary. The Sorrowful Mysteries were led by Alice Cella. Once again, it is not too late to take part in this uplifting gathering where we can virtually pray and commune with each other. We are hoping you join us at an upcoming Monday online Zoom devotional rosary.

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The scourging has ceased. Jesus is only partly conscious and is unable to stand or walk due to the severity of the beating he received. He is roughly aided by soldiers and half-dragged from the scene into a tunnel like area which opens into a room adjacent to the stables. It is dimly lit with torches and the soldiers force Jesus onto an old stool as they bind his hands. He is silent, dazed by the excruciating pain which blankets his body. His entire back is raw from the repeated blows, the wounds pulsing and bleeding. His captors are cruel, bitter men who now see an opportunity to make sport of their victim. “So, this is the King of Jews”, taunts one as he strikes Jesus a brutal blow in the face. “Sit up straight, your majesty. You are not very kinglike” The others laugh entertained by the scene and they join in the mockery with taunts and probes.  “A robe, our king needs a robe” shouts one and he pulls a filthy large purple cloth from a peg and places it around Jesus' shoulders. The cloth is rough wool and rubs against the mutilated back of the Savior as they tie it around him. Still, he is silent, docile in the face of their torment.  One of the soldiers comes in with a coil of hawthorn from outside. Its long, sharp thorns stab the soldier's fingers as he pulls off the few remaining leaves. He is angry and using a dagger he pushes the coil onto Jesus' head. Jesus does not react which angers the soldiers who now taunt him with exaggerated courtesies. The crown appears loose and one soldier pushes it down roughly with a stick. It pierces the scalp which begins to bleed profusely. Still Jesus in agony and torment maintains a silent dignity. Enraged by his passivity the soldiers become crueler. One kneels is mock servitude and then spits into the face of Jesus, another laughs at his beard because Roman monarchs are clean shaven. He pulls harshly at Jesus beard ripping out hairs as he does so. Now Jesus' face also begins to bleed.  More blows to the face and spittle and mocking taunts. The scalp blood is running into Jesus' eyes and his face is swelling from the constant blows. The soldiers never seem to tire of their macabre game as they buffet and kick their victim repeatedly. His endurance wears them down and there is little entertainment because he does not cry out or plead. The sight of him now is heart rending with his head bowed and the spiked wreath biting into his head. O, tormented Savior forgive us our sins.






Litany of St. Anthony

St. Anthony Mission
Catholic Church

 Rev. Msgr. Ronald R. Cellini



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Holy Days of Obligation

Solemnity of Mary
Friday, January 1

Ascension of Jesus
Thursday, May 13

Assumption of The Blessed Virgin Mary
Sunday, August 15

All Saints' Day
Monday, November 1

The Immaculate Conception of The Blessed Virgin Mary
Wednesday, December 8

The Nativity of Our Lord
Saturday, December 25


Weekly Feast & Saint Days

Mar. 8 : Saint John of God, Religious

Mar. 9 : Saint Frances of Rome, Religious



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