Welcome to St. Anthony Mission Church!

  St. Anthony Mission Church is a welcoming Catholic community called by God to
  live the message of Christ in love and service to all people.

St. Anthony Mission Church es una comunidad Católica acogedora llamada por Dios para vive el mensaje de Cristo en amor y servicio a todas las personas.

Saturday, 5 PM Vigil Mass Choir 

Pat Lash, choir leader and pianist, has been with the choir since 2014.  Pat says, "my husband, Dave, and I like the community feeling of St. Anthony's.  It is small, personal, and relaxed.  Everyone seems to know and care about each other."  Pat's plans for the choir is to use the individual talents of the members more often and introduce new hymns to the congregation to add variety during Mass.   

Group Pic:  Pat Lash, Jerry Mathes, Rudy Bishop, Elaine Ragland, Marie Blohm, Marcella Palmer  (Missing from the picture - Jim Pegolotti - who was our first accompanist and now helps when Pat is away, Cindi Blaschke, and Yolanda Orsucci). 


On Friday evening, February 21st, some powerful stories were told. Deacon Al led our presentation about how wisdom speaks the language of love. We learned about the three ways of loving: philia (friendship), eros (sexual passion) and agape (love for everyone). We heard stories of each and then shared stories from our own experiences. These touched many of us deeply. Laughter was not a stranger to the evening…. We talked about robocalls, ostrich eggs and who we were in earlier parts of our lives. There were also quiet words of affirmation when we heard something that touched us and moved us.

Deacon Al reminded us of that Pope Francis asked us to be the storytellers in our families and in our faith community. We have been graced to live in these later years. We are also asked to pass what we have learned and experienced to our grandchildren, our parish children and to all who grace our lives with their presence.  Following our presentation, we all enjoyed our casual supper with certain tables promising to hold secret who went up for seconds of the pie a la mode.

A good time was had by all. We continue to grow in wisdom together!  The next presentation is scheduled for Friday, May 8th.  We hope you can join us!

Franne and her husband, Jack, have been members of St. Anthony Mission Catholic Church for 12 years. They love the friendly, intimate feeling of a small church. Jack serves as an Usher.  Franne's duties include being one of the Saturday night vigil Mass (5 pm)  Sacristans, Eucharistic Minister, and Lector.  She has the important job of making up the schedules and training others for these duties.  Franne also helps out in the Parish Office with posting the weekly contributions.  She has also served on the Pastoral Council.  Franne  states that "being involved in things at church has been most gratifying in that I feel so much more an informat participant ...."


Saturday, 7 PM Mass Choir

Top row left to right: Jorge Escalante (Electric Piano), Valentina Escalante (Singer), Magali Roblero (Singer), Jeanett Martinez (Singer)
Second row left to right: Alcidez Martinez (Electric Guitar), Vesubio Escalante (Bass Guitar - Choir Leader), Eliceo Roblero (Violin), Roger Adame (standing) (Guitar) 

Check out additional pictures of Vesubio Escalante and his wonderful choir!/Echa un vistazo a fotos adicionales de Vesubio Escalante y su maravilloso coro!

Did You Know This?

Alice Cella Tells Us The Significance of the Color Violet and Lent

On Ash Wednesday the Church begins wearing violet for the 40 days of Lent, except for the 4th Sunday (Laetare). Violet is a symbol of penance or sorrow for sin. On that Wednesday it is combined with the imposition of ashes on the forehead.

This tradition has deep Biblical and Jewish roots. In Gen, 3:19, God tells Adam, "You are dust...". Dust and ashes symbolize mortality. In Job 42:6, Job says, "I despise myself and repent in dust and ashes". In Daniel 9:3, the prophet appeals to God with "prayer and supplications, fasting and in sackcloth and ashes..."In Maccabees 3:47 we see ashes placed on the head, and fasting and sacrifice. Then in the Book of Esther, the queen prays for her imperiled people by replacing her royal clothes with garments of distress and covering her head in ashes, humbling her body.

The Prophet Joel in the readings for Ash Wednesday calls for a public fast - with the words, "Return to me with all your heart .... "

And in the New Testament, Matthew (11:21) quotes Jesus himself admonishing Chora-zin and Beth-sa-ida with reference to sackcloth and ashes.

So, the purple and ashes remind us of our mortality and the need to return to God.

Alice Cella,  Liturgical Team, Announcements


The family of parishioner, Marcella Palmer, purchased a votive candle stand to honor St. Anthony in memory of their mother, Rita Petrus Morris Blamoville.  Father Filip blessed the stand at the 5 pm vigil Mass.






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